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Upcycled Skate Art was founded in 2015 in Santa Cruz, CA when Alexander Michael Wong moved to Santa Cruz to attend UCSC and rediscovered his passion for skateboarding and art. In organic fashion, Alexander began making functional art out of skateboards  to relieve the stress of school through artistic expression as well as earn extra money. Upcycled Skate Art was soon after founded so that Alexander could feature his work in stores. With a background in art, woodworking and architecture, Alexander graduated UCSC in Economics and immediately began focusing on Upcycled Skate Art as well as building Tiny Homes with his cousin Max Regan.  

"Being a skateboarder and artist, working with broken skateboards is really special to me. I use to absolutely cover my walls with all my broken skateboards because skateboarding in every sense is art. The movement, the board graphics, the creation and curvature of the board, its all art. But at the same time it is important that we do everything we can to reduce our footprint in any way we can, maybe keeping skateboards out of our landfills is small but everything starts somewhere." -Alexander Michael Wong

Every year nearly 3 million skateboards end up in landfills and we believe that these decks still have a lot of life to live. Starting their life as a beautiful and strong Maple tree that was then lucky enough to be created into a skateboard to be kick flipped, rock and rolled and blunted until they could take no more, Now these trees take on their third, forth and fifth lives as we try to recycle every ounce of skateboard from our various projects in an effort to be a sustainable business.